• Welcome

    A Sleek New Site

    Hello, and welcome to my new and improved website! Rather than designing and hosting it myself and coming up with custom blog systems, I’ve moved to GitHub Pages, which uses Markdown and is powered by Jekyll.

    The Plan

    My current plan is to try to write a few blog posts on here every now and then. Most of them will be programming-oriented, and a lot will likely just be nonsense about whatever I’m working on at the time.

    Current State

    Right now, I don’t have too much content to offer, but check out my GitHub (linked at the bottom of the site) to see what public projects I’m working on.

  • Denizen Compat

    I’ve created an unofficial fork of the Denizen project specifically to keep compatibility with way-old Spigot versions!
    For more information, see https://github.com/Morphan1/Denizen-Compat/blob/master/README.md!

    NOTE: This post is the one and only post archived from the previous version of this website:

    The old site.

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